About us (archive)

The Neighbourhood Plan Group was formed from working parties established by the Parish Councils. The Steering Committee operated from 2015 and was wound up in February 2018.


The group was made up of volunteers from both Parishes including some Parish Councillors from Castor Parish Council (CPC) and Ailsworth Parish Council (APC)

Steering Committee: 

Dai Rowlands (Chair), Neil Boyce (CPC) Steve Davies, Chas Foster, Mandy Foster, John Hodder, Joan Pickett (APC), Fiona Rowlands (CPC) and David Shaw (CPC).

Content Group: 

Antonia Pounsett (Chair), Brian Chillcott, Martin Chillcott, Helen Daly, Malcolm Groves, Mike Horne, Ed Humphries, John Judge (APC), Andrew Nash, Angela Scott, Elaine Wakerley and Claire Winfrey.

Extended Content Group: 

Tom Chillcott, Stewart Clark, Linda Cooke, Megan Ellershaw (APC), Michael Hinton, Peter Huckle, Sue Magill, Jon Phillips, Gareth Rowswell, Caroline Sharpin, Bill Sansom, Mike Thomas, Bob Wakerley and Duncan Vessey.

Thank you to Lynne Thain, Ian Baugh, Chris Pounsett and Sue Hodder for proof reading the submitted documentation.

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