Recreation and visitors - A space for Peterborough to breathe

Social and Economic Development - A thriving village community

Land use - An ancient and fragile landscape

Housing - A vital place to live

The housing growth of the village will be managed across the plan period to ensure steady growth of around 10% in dwelling numbers through the plan period, allowing for a total of some 20 new dwellings by 2036.

The Plan aims to protect and enhance the natural heritage around the village and to connect them more fully to the Nene Park Trust’s land to the south and land to the north of the Parish. The landscape features connections to a medieval pre-Enclosure England and Roman occupation. We aim to protect these heritage assets across the Parish.

Sustaining local businesses, local employment and improving local facilities remain key Plan priorities.

The Plan seeks to build on the long-standing traditions of the parish as a place for Peterborough people to visit and to enjoy the distinctive landscape, environment and wildlife and the heritage assets as well as for leisure and recreation.

Click the below links to download the relevant document:

Langdyke Countryside Trust Strategy

Nene Park Trust Master Pla 2017 - 2050

Click the below links to download the relevant document:

CPRE - The rural econoy - Policy Guidance Note 2014

Rural Vision and Parish Charter - PCC 2015

Ailsworth - Evidence -  supporting plans and policies

Locations: Click here to see a detailed plans of Ailsworth, the village envelope and conservation area.

Click the below links to download the relevant document:

National Planning Policy Framework

Ailsworth Village Design Statement 2004

Design and Development in Selected Villages - Supplementary Planning Document - PCC 2011

Peterborough Core Strategy 2011

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