Consultation statement:

These documents explain and demonstrate how engagement with our community and others has shaped the development of the neighbourhood plans for Castor and Ailsworth. These documents are complete as we have finished the consultation required under Regulation 14.


These statements – one for each village – are written statements explaining how our Neighbourhood Plans meet the following legal requirements:


  • Must have regard to national policies and advice, such as the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

  • Should contribute to the achievement of sustainable development

  • Must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the adopted Peterborough Local Plan. The adopted development plan for Peterborough is dated 2011

  • Should be compatible with European obligations and human rights requirements

In addition, the statement needs to document the process the group has been through (Consultation Statement) and confirm:

  • That it is a qualifying body to submit the draft plan – that is we are designated Parish Councils

  • That what is proposed meets the statutory requirements of a Neighbourhood Development Plan i.e. it sets out policies for the development and use of land within the specified neighbourhood area

  • The plan period over which the policies will have effect

  • That the policies do not relate to excluded development, such as minerals and waste matters or Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects


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