Landscape assessment

We have described the landscape the parishes occupy as fragile and ancient- referring to both the heritage and the ecological composition of the landscape as it is today.


This reflects the heritage aspect of the landscape described by the Royal Commission in 1969 when they said that it of the most complex (parishes) in the country’ to try to understand (RCHM 1969, 20) with evidence from the pre-Roman, Roman, Saxon and 1000 years of medieval farming – and only enclosed in 1898.

The way people have managed the landscape over the last 2000 years has led to a richness of biodiversity which hosts a surprising range of flora and fauna in a wide variety of habitats for a relatively small area.


The last formal landscape assessment was conducted by Peterborough City Council in 2006 / 2007 and the report attached here published in 2007.


This area of the website seeks to present the data we have collected and continue to collect about the landscape as it is today.


Summary overview of landscape work completed by Dr Peter Kirby and Sarah lambert and Dr Upex in 2017 (here). This work was generously funded by the Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust and kindly managed by the Langdyke Countryside Trust (here).

Heritage landscape assessment


Dr Stephen Upex has conducted three studies to help us understand the landscape of the parishes:


Dr Stephen Upex – Some comments and Observations on the Medieval and Early Modern landscapes of Castor and Ailsworth (2017) (Funded by The Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust and managed by the Langdyke Countryside Trust)

Dr Stephen Upex - The Distribution and Significance of Archaelogical Sites - Stephen Upex 2016 (funded by the Castor and Ailsworth Parish Councils as part of neighbourhood planning activity)

Dr Stephen Upex A report on Intensive Archaeological Field and Air Photographic Recording in the Area around Salter’s Tree (2017) (Funded by The Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust and managed by the Langdyke Countryside Trust)



In 2017 Dr Upex conducted an assessment of one of Castor’s scheduled ancient monuments Dr Stephen Upex Robin Hood and Little John Stones at Castor (2017) (Funded by Castor Parish Council and Heritage Lottery)


Ecological assessment


Dr Pete Kirby and Sarah Lambert were commissioned to look at the ecology of the landscape of Castor and Ailsworth parishes.



Their presentation to the community in November 2017 is here:


The data sheets relating to Oldfield Pond are here: Data sheet 1 Data sheet 2 Data sheet 3 Data sheet 4 Data sheet summary

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