The vision for the Neighbourhood Plans is thus to ensure that the two parishes continue, each as a flourishing village and a gateway to the natural environment provided by Castor Hanglands and by the lands of the Nene Park Trust.  In this it supports the vision of both The Langdyke Trust and the Nene Park Trust Masterplan (2017-2032).  


By maintaining a strong sense of community whilst embracing a sustainable and prosperous future as a place where people choose to live, work, and visit, it aims to be a real asset for the whole of Peterborough


Building on the work of the 2004 village design statement (including some additional work undertaken on behalf of the NPG during 2016), the Conservation Area Appraisal of 2009, and on wide-ranging consultation with the community and stakeholders over the last year, there is a clear wish for the two parishes of Ailsworth and  Castor to thrive as a vibrant, distinctive and connected  pair of villages, to continue to respect the views of their shared community, to evolve and expand whilst retaining their distinctive rural character, and to provide an outstanding quality of life for current and future generations of residents.

In 2036 we aspire to be:

  • A pair of parishes whose rural character and sense of‘community’ has been maintained and developed.

  • A rural village whose appearance has been preserved by the managed integration of new housing built to high standards of design, including energy conservation features.


  • A rural community, set in an unusually rich environmental and heritage area, which actively responds to environmental issues and seeks to protect and enhance its countryside landscape, wildlife habitats biodiversity and public greenspace.


  • A rural community containing a vibrant and integrated social mix of people.


  • A rural community whose housing needs have been met mainly through the development of a mixture of house types built on  a restricted number of sites integral to the village.


  • A rural community whose varied educational, medical, recreational, leisure and retail needs are met by a range of sustainable services and facilities.


  • A rural community supported by a strong local economy.


  • A rural community set in an area that continues to be an asset for the people of Greater Peterborough, attracting wide interest for its sites of national significance.

The Vision

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